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Vitamin Manager’s Top 3 Immunity Products

Hi, I’m Darlene, a Homeobotanical Therapist and my 3 choices for immune health are:

Natural Factors Anti-Viral

Purica Immune 7

Vitamin D in a soft gel with an oil base. 

Darlene Cairns

Vitamin Manager, Nutters Melfort Location

My top 3 picks for Immunity would be:

Naka NAC

Natural Factors Quercetin (You can find this on page 19 of the Natural Factors Flyer)

Prairie naturals vitamin D 2500 IU


Vitamin Manager, Nutters Estevan Location

Helping our customers with immune improvements is one of my favourite topics.

I never approach the immune system, with a singular “one shoe fits all approach”, but rather look at the whole body system within each individual and how to improve their health individually.  Overall, I believe the immune system should be approached with a healthy balanced food intake, healthy stress reactions and management, exercise (where appropriate ), and encouragement for healthy (and safe for our times) social interaction and support.  Along with the whole body approach, the nutritional supplements I feel support these areas are Natural Factors Critical Care 55 billion probiotic (for gut health where the immune system begins, Natural Factors Serenity Formula, also another favourite is CanPrev Adrenal (for stress management support) and New Roots Shiitake for an exceptional boost to the immune system. 

Roxanne Ferrier

Registered Nutritional Consulting Practitioner, Nutters Cranbrook Location

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