Thursday, February 22nd

Brain Detox 

discover the Glymphatic System that we never knew we had.

Have you heard about the Glymphatic System yet? Only discovered a decade ago, its critical role in brain and mental health is proving to be tremendous. Join Orsha Magyar & Orna Villazan for an exciting discussion about your brain’s waste disposal system for best prevention of many neurological diseases as well as optimizing cognitive function. Let’s age gracefully together.

Monday, February 26th


with Dr. John Holliday

Dr. John Holliday is one of the world’s leading experts on medicinal mushrooms. He was the founder of Aloha Medicinals and Vice President of the International Society for Medicinal Mushrooms – a group of preeminent scientists dedicated to the advancement of research in the field of mycology. It is from this global vantage point, combined with his 40+ year of mushroom growing experience and innovation, that Dr. Holliday passionately presents and educates on the medicinal health benefits of the fungal kingdom.

Thursday, March 21st 

Gut Check for Cardiovascular Health: Navigating the Relationship Between Your Intestines and Heart

Join us for an enlightening discussion with Caroline Farquhar RHN, as we delve into the fascinating realm of the gut-cardiovascular connection. This talk aims to unravel the complex interplay between our gut microbiota and cardiovascular system, shedding light on the profound impact this relationship has on our overall well-being.


Effective Health on a Budget with Natural Factors

The higher cost of living is not only draining our wallets, but our health too. Many are wondering how they can maintain optimum well-being during these uncertain times. Discover affordable ways to eat healthily, prevent nutrient deficiencies, and support mood and sleep while on a budget.

Medicinal Mushroom Benefits unleashed

Discover the health benefits of medicinal mushrooms and learn how hot water extracts allow you to maximize these benefits!
Join us as we explore the world of medicinal mushrooms. From boosting the immune system to improving cognitive function, medicinal mushrooms have been used for centuries to promote wellness and vitality. Naturopathic Doctor Colleen Hartwick will discuss unique health aspects of various species, explain the advantages of using hot water extracts to maximize health benefits, and provide practical tips on how to choose a medicinal mushroom product to promote better health. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to unleash the potential of medicinal mushrooms and take your health to the next level!


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