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March 21st 

Heal your Body & Mind – A look at inflammation and how it can directly impact your health 

Jason Watkin – Co-Founder and Chief Formulator for PURICA

Jason is a passionate speaker trained in pathophysiology, pharmacology, nutrition and Traditional Chinese Medicine. What makes for a gripping presentation style is that he has also completed formal studies and meditative yogic practices in the Indo-Tibetan Tradition. His intent is to share modern and ancient wisdom to get at the root of what makes us unwell, and how to recover well-being..

Past Webinars

Rejuvenate your health for energy + longevity

Join Nutters Everyday Naturals, Natural Factors and best-selling author and licensed naturopathic doctor Kate Rhéaume as she speaks on Mitochindria, the power plants of your cells, mitochondria churn out the energy that runs everything in your body. Discover the link between mitochondrial dysfunction, aging, and disease, and how you can ignite your mitochondria, slow your biological clock, and regenerate your life.

Mushrooms as Medicine

Join Yarrow Willard, Clinical Herbalist and co-founder of Harmonic Arts, in exploring the folklore, science and healing power of the world’s top functional mushrooms as food and medicine. With centuries of clinical evidence and decades of scientific research, mushrooms are quickly becoming a preferred natural health product for addressing many chronic health conditions. Learn how to support immune system intelligence, mental wellness and whole-body vitality with medicinal mushrooms.


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