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We search for products that meet our standards for integrity and quality. As leaders in natural foods and health products, we are proud to exclusively provide you with brands we believe in. We are proud to always be adding to our shelves products that align with our company – Healthy living starts here! Check out some of our New + Noteworthy products and head to your local Nutters for in-store shopping. 

Don’t forget that if you find a product you love, your local Nutters can order it in! 

Harlow Blend Grain Free Dog & Cat Food

Canadian-made by a family company, all Harlow Blend formulas start with real meat, natural ingredients, and enhanced vitamins and minerals. Dog Food choices include; Chicken, Rice & Vegetables, Lamb & Rice, Fish Fusion, and Turkey Fusion.  Cat Food choices include; Chicken & Salmon, Turkey Fusion, and Fish Fusion.

Your Preference Water Kefir Gummies

Medicine Hat’s only Kombucha and Water Kefir Brewery is now offering Water Kefir Gummies made with raw organic kombucha. Flavours include; Blueberry, Tart Cherry, Lavender, Peach, and more. Available in 70-gram bags.

George’s Special Dry Cream

Was founded by Albertans George Doherty and Skip Gibson. Originally a Calgary pharmacist, George was encouraged by a local dermatologist and was inspired to create a special skin cream to relieve dry skin problems and several other chronic skin conditions aggravated by the semi-arid climate in Alberta and the prairies. Available in 30-gram, 90-gram and 450-gram sizes.

Earth’s Own Coffee Creamer –

 A creamer for the twenty-first century – rich and creamy and oh so planet-saving!

Comes in Salted Caramel, French Vanilla, and Original and is now in the NEW 946 ML size.

Farming Karma Non-Alcoholic Mocktails

A premium non-alcohol alternative to alcoholic beverages. Crafted using natural ingredients with no added colours or preservatives. A delicious, clean beverage for all occasions. Includes; Conscious Cosmo, Mellow Mimosa, Mindful Mule, Musing Mojito

Boylan Craft Soda

Although Birch Beer has always been a big part of the brand’s heritage since it was founded in 1891, Boylan today is better known for full line of handcrafted sodas including; Ginger Ale, Root Beer, Black Cherry, and Crème Soda, along with other favourites like Orange and Grape. It comes in a classic and distinctive bottle little changed since the company beginnings.

Shilajit Mushroom Powder

Traditionally used in Ayurveda as Medhya rasayana, a rejuvenitive tonic to support and nourish memory and intellect. Comes in 50 gram jars (recyclable). Wild harvested.

Natural Factors Lipomicel Berberine 60’s

Higher absorption, clinically effective strength. Unique technology creates a liquid micelle matrix.Current studies suggest absorption rates of up to 6 times better and blood glucose reduction of 12% after only 2 days of 500 mg per day.

Dr. Squatch Soaps

A personal care brand that focuses on products using natural ingredients specifically for men. Soaps come in a variety of aroma’s including; Alpine Sage, Cedar Citrus, Spearmint Basil, and more

Can Prev Liposomal GABA

Promotes a restful and relaxed state without diminishing alertness. Has a patented delivery system that swiftly and safely transports active ingredients direct – to cell. No artificial flavours, no animal products, comes in citrus flavour, 225 ml bottles

Stefano Bottled Soup

Comfort in a bowl. Simple and good, this is Stefano’s take on some of the world’s most popular soups, just like nonna made it. Chicken Noodle, Creamy Tomato, Italian Wedding and Tuscan Minestroni. Comes in 605 ml bottles.

Lively Prebiotic Pop

Here’s one that will tickle your tastebuds. A female founded company that has created classic favourite flavours including; Rockin’ Rootbeer, Cool Cola and Spritzy Lemon Lime. Made with apple cider vinegar, with only 30 calories and 5 grams of sugar per can

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We have amazing partnerships with our providers, our goal is to bring you high-quality products, new and noteworthy items, Canadian made companies and so much more! 

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