A Perfect Last Minute Gift

That moment, when the panic sets in…and you realize that you’ve forgotten a gift for your newest employee. What to do? A Nutters Christmas Gift Tray is an ideal solution.

The same applies for relatives who’ve just announced that they are coming to visit over the holidays. No problem, pick up a Nutters Christmas Gift Tray for the whole family.

But, what about that list of clients who somehow got missed by your company when planning a “thanks for the business” gift. Again, this problem is easily solved with a Nutters Christmas Gift Tray.

Oh, and if any of the above scenario’s involve having to ship the gift to a far off destination, we’ve got you covered, Nutters can ship our Gift Trays to anywhere. Just be sure to make your purchase reasonably in advance of the holiday to ensure safe and timely delivery.

Find a link to our 2023 Christmas Gift Tray flyer below or click here, to view the full collection. On the back page, you will find all the details on how to place an order for shipping. Simply call our toll free number and check another gift off your list.

Christmas shopping is made easy and tasty, with a Nutters Christmas Gift Tray or Basket.

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