A Tribute to Dr. Gifford-Jones

Thousands of Nutters customers have come to know of Dr. Gifford-Jones over the years through his books, public speaking engagements, newsletters, as well as his in-person appearances at many Nutters store locations over the years.

Prince Albert Nutters franchise owner Janine Favreau recalls a special moment when the good doctor came to town;

 “We were fortunate to have Dr. Gifford-Jones attend our city of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan for a public lecture. Upon arriving and viewing the venue’s set up of chairs, he responded; “Oh, you have a lot of chairs to fill”. That evening, we had approximately 500 people attend the presentation with everyone appreciating his talk. Thank you Dr. Gifford-Jones for sharing the message of health”

Janine Favreau, Store Owner, Nutters Prince Albert

When we recorded our first Nutters podcast around 4 years ago, Dr. Gifford Jones was our guest nearing his 96th birthday. And here we are, just like that, we’re now toasting his 100th Birthday! You can find that podcast at nutters.com under season 1 episodes.

Now, here’s the kicker. Dr. Gifford-Jones is a larger than life character, but his real name is Ken Walker. His success as a writer, speaker, columnist and of course, helped create an animation like character, who over the decades got away with saying and writing some rather bold, and some would even say, outrageous words about his approach to healthy living. He never held back and he still doesn’t.

While still in high school, his teachers poured cold water on his dream of becoming a doctor, some suggesting that he’d never make it into medical school. Needless to say, when he got into Harvard Medical School, there was some crow to be eaten. This tiny example aptly describes the determination of a man who has often stated that “healthy living is not that complicated, it is mostly common sense, unfortunately, it is common sense that is in short supply”.

Dr. Gifford-Jones did surgery until he was 75, saw patients in his office until 87 and in his 90’s started yet another new career.

He formalized his role as an advocate for a powdered form of vitamin C and Lysine supplementation that allowed for easier consumption of high doses which he advocated for protection against cardiovascular disease.

Now at 100, he says; “I’m not finished yet, stay tuned because I have more to say and new efforts to champion” Dr. Gifford-Jones, from all of your friends at Nutters Everyday Naturals, and our thousands of customers and fans, we wish you a very special 100th Birthday can hardly wait to see what comes next!!

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