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What are the colours of health?

“Eat more greens?”Remember when your mom and grandma told you to “Eat more greens?” Well guess what, they were right! Thousands of published scientific studies from around the world have confirmed the healthy wisdom of what mom and grandma always said. And that’s not all! Now the latest research also tells us to eat the blues, the reds, the yellows, and all the other colours every day in order to get the full spectrum of colourful phyto(plant) nutrients we need to be healthy and active.But that’s not always easy to do, is it?That’s why Prairie Naturals researches and formulates all the Colours of Health into tasty, instant, drink mixes for daily use! Our concentrated drink mix powders are made with selected fruits, berries and super green foods to provide the wide array of antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and phytonutrients you need for healthy hearts, eyes,brains, skin, digestion, immunity and aging

What’s better than superfoods? Fermented superfoods!Fermented foods have been used as medicine throughout history. Chinese workers ate acid-fermented vegetables while building the Great Wall of China. The Japanese have had Kimchi as part of their daily menu for centuries. The Romans used sauerkraut to treat and prevent intestinal infections. Captain Cook used sauerkraut and lime juice to prevent scurvy on his three-year journey around the world.In the case of superfoods, we’ve taken the highest quality, antioxidants-rich superfoods and fermented them, which makes them even more…super!”Fermented foods, as a group, are highly nutritious and digestible.Fermentation pre-digests foods, making nutrients more bioavailable, or easier for the body to absorb, and in many cases fermentation generates additional nutrients or removes anti-nutrients or toxins.”—Sandor Katz, The Art of Fermentation

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