Dry January – We Don’t Mean the Weather

Feeling like a bit of a toxic waste dump? It’s a fairly common feeling after over-indulging for days on end throughout the holiday season. And it isn’t only the food, but the alcohol as well.

Over the past couple of years, the popularity of “ Dry January “ has been growing. People vow not to touch alcohol for the first month of the new year. When combined with some effort to get more physical activity into your life, and control your food intake, it all adds up to what can be an effective detox program.

It is worth noting that the increase in consumption of non-alcohol beverages has also continued to grow. Mocktails and non-alcohol craft beers are capturing new audiences as this trend catches hold.

Many restaurants, bars and lounges now feature the non-alcoholic options on their menu and it was only a few days ago that I learned of the opening of a venue in Kelowna, BC.  This bar totally caters to those who’ve given up alcohol but still want to socialize in a nice setting with friends while savouring the taste of a favourite mocktail. Are you ready for it?  The name of the venue is SOBAR! Very clever indeed.

So, if you want to dump that sluggish feeling, give dry January a try. Or make an effort to get more physical activity into your life! Any one of the changes suggested in this article will make a positive difference as you start this new year.

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