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There are so many options today when it comes to exercising that it’s hard to pick and choose. However, if you prefer to exercise by yourself or in the privacy of your own home, you can thank today’s electronic industry wizards for all the options they’ve presented us with, making exercise into a game rather than drudgery. Gone are the days when bouncing on a small, round trampoline was the only way to exercise in private. Now, we have gaming units which double as exercise coaches and literally hundreds of DVD’s to choose from which offer up everything from aerobics to yoga. The games and DVD’s are structured for everyone from beginners right on up to the most advanced athletes and will put you through your paces under the guise of having fun. What a great way to get in shape! Most of the games are challenging and engaging enough so that you don’t even know you’re exercising, but after 30 minutes of trying to beat your own score or achieve the goal of the game, you’ll know you’ve been exercising. You’ll learn to snowboard, ski jump, keep a hula-hoop in motion, march with a band, or learn the latest dance moves, all while burning calories and having fun. Another benefit of electronic exercise is the money you’ll save. These games and units come complete with the basic equipment you’ll need to start right away. Once you’ve advanced a little, you can choose to add more equipment as you need it. You won’t need to buy any new clothing or memberships and you’ll save on travel costs and time by getting the exercise you need right in your own home. The only thing you will need is the room to move about.

You may want to start with something as simple as a digital step counter or one of the many health apps for your phone, but if you want to jump in and begin a routine at home, here are a few ideas you can choose from.


Nintendo Wii Fit Plus
This family-friendly software is a great option for people who already have a little experience with exercise routines. But even if you don’t, Wii Fit provides you with a virtual “coach” who will keep track of your goals, monitor weight loss, and tell you if your body positioning isn’t quite right or if you’re not executing a move correctly. This alleviates the worry of working out without someone there to spot you. How does the machine know you’re not positioning your body correctly? This unit functions with sensors in front of you, sensors that you hold, and sensors in the Wii Fit Board that you stand on so that your alignment is monitored the whole time you’re participating. Not into exercise routines or yoga poses? Then choose to play the Wii Fit “games”. These games challenge you to move quickly, accurately, and maintain balance all while trying to achieve a better score or beat the game. As you play, the game prompts you to change your stance, realign your balance, keep up the pace, and even remember to enjoy the scenery as you jog through the virtual park, waving to the other joggers who wave at you as you go by. This system is great for beginners, intermediate exercisers, and people who want to have fun while exercising and may not appeal to hard-core athletes. Hard to imagine how all this works? Here’s a video that shows you what the experience will be like.
Wii Fit Plus Bundle – VIDEO

Nintendo Dance Party
Skip the exercise routines altogether and just learn the latest dance moves with Dance Party, another game designed for the Nintendo game unit. Dance Party challenges you to do your best to keep up with the dancers on the screen and learn as you go. By the time you finish learning the latest dance moves, you’ll have worked off calories, moved every part of your body, and had a blast. This game is a ton of fun with more than one person, so invite a friend to exercise along with you, all while laughing, learning and getting lean. Here’s a video that shows you what the experience will be like.
Wii Fit Dance Party – VIDEO

Xbox 360 Kinect
This gaming system also provides you with options for exercise. Xbox 360 exercise games provide you with a virtual personal trainer that shows you exactly how to move, tells you when you’re not doing something correctly, and praises you when you do. Exercises include everything from calming yoga to hard-core Body Combat, depending on your preferences. The Kinect system operates without hand-held motion controllers or boards, however one drawback seems to be that you need to be positioned directly in front of its sensor for it to work properly. Some titles include EA Sports Active 2, Kinect Sports, Gold’s Gym Dance Workout, and Dance Central.This web page explains the system to you in full detail – Xbox 360 + Kinect


If you like the idea of instructor-led exercise but would rather not go to a fitness class, you can always explore the option of DVD’s. A DVD will let you try new things like Zumba, without revealing your less-coordinated side in public, give you confidence, and increase your fitness level in the privacy of your own home.

Here’s a two picks to get you started:

Dance Workout for Dummies with Michelle LeMay
44 minutes, Anchor Bay Entertainment
What you get:
Two 20-minute dance routines, plus tutorial.
Best exercise DVD for reluctant exercisers. That dance moves – designed to burn calories and boost your cardio fitness – are so funky you’ll forget it’s exercise (well, almost). You also get fitness tips, reminders, and intensity variations. You need no special equipment.

21 Day Total Body Circuit Workout with Jeanette Jenkins
60 minutes, TRU Company Inc.
What you get:
Two 30-minute, muscle –firming circuits combining bouts of strength training with simple cardio drills.
Best exercise DVD for those who want to fight flab. This no-fluff cardio, strength and toning program is packed with tried-and-true exercises that get fast results for all major muscle groups, no matter what your experience level.
You’ll need:
One to three kilogram (two to seven pound) dumbbells, a mat and ankle weights (optional). To see eight more DVD picks and their full reviews, CLICK HERE.

No matter what exercise platform you choose, it is imperative that you speak with your primary health care provider before you begin a new routine to ensure you’re in good enough shape to start exercising.

How to Choose the Best Exercise DVDs, Amanda Vogel, Best Health MagazineClick Here!

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