Everyday Low Prices On Over 150 Of Nutters Most Popular Products!

In recent months Nutters Everyday Naturals has been focused on working with suppliers of our most top selling products to arrive at everyday lower pricing for our customers.

Nutters Director Of Operations Brad Winsor has led this company initiative intended to bring enhanced value to our customers during every store visit. Mr. Winsor makes this invitation; “We hope you’ll come in and discover for yourself the permanent decrease in prices on over 150 of our most popular products throughout Nutters stores. This is something our customers have been asking us to do, and we are pleased that many of our key suppliers have helped us achieve this goal.”

Not only will you discover these new everyday low prices as you browse the store, but throughout 2020 Nutters will highlight products featured in the “Everyday Low Price Program” in various Nutters printed flyers and in our new ‘digital only’ flyers. All customers who receive our monthly newsletters will also get our new eco friendly digital flyers starting later this month.

Donald Cranston, President of Nutters Everyday Naturals noted at a recent company event; ‘We are delighted that so many prominent brand names are now on the Everyday Low Price initiative like Almond Breeze, Bobs Red Mill, Bragg Products, Natures Path, Zevia, Jason Personal Care and there are so many more. I’m sure our customers are going to enjoy these ongoing everyday savings.”

On your next visit, check out the everyday low prices on the major brands noted in this story.

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