Fabulous Fathers Day Gift Ideas Now At Nutters

We’re delighted to be able to help with your Fathers Day Gift list for husbands, dad’s and grand-dads, and Nutters can help you get it done in one easy visit.

Some Nutters stores will have various themed gift packages assembled and ready to choose from, others will have prominent displays of dad’s day gift ideas that you can purchase as individual items and assemble into your own gift box, basket or bucket.

Here are several examples of products available at Nutters and a few ideas on how you can assemble them into a ‘theme’ that dad will appreciate.

The Camping & Fishing Dad – A travel mug with a camping or fishing theme is available at some Nutters stores, as are marshmallow roasters, popcorn and seasonings and for the campsite cookout choose a favourite BBQ Sauce. Packaging idea: Pick up a new tackle box for dad, and present the Nutters gift items packed into the tackle box!

Dad’s Personal Care Products Package – Mens Deodorant, Mens Shaving Brush & Bowl set available at some Nutters stores. Beard Wax, & Mens Body Wash. Packaging idea: Pick up a small wicker basket and place all the Nutters gift products inside. Choose a size that dad can make use of to hold those personal care or other products on his washroom vanity.

The Food & Treat Lovin’ Dad Package – A Quality Maple Syrup, Maple Coated Trail Mix, An Exotic Dark Roast Coffee Blend, a selection Of Nutters Chocolate Treats, Dried Fruits and Nuts. A selection of Jerky products and of course BBQ Sauce. Packaging Idea: Pick up a galvanized bucket, about the size of an ice bucket, tuck all of the Nutters products inside, and perhaps save room to include one of Dad’s favourite beverages. We’re guessing the ice bucket will get used this summer too!

The Health & Fitness Dad Package – Energy Bars, Sporty Snacks For runners and cyclists such as Stingers, Shaker Cup and Protein Products, Men’s Vitamin or Supplement products such as Andro-Force (Our Vitamin Managers can help you choose the right products for your man). Packaging Idea: Pick up a new gym bag or lightweight back pack for hiking and put all of the Nutters products inside.

You’ll see other Dad’s Day ideas displayed at Nutters too. Have fun choosing one of the pre-made options available at some Nutters locations, or enjoy assembling your own creative Dad’s Day Gift Package using some of our thought starters. If you need help, don’t hesitate to ask one of our team members!

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