Face Masks For Kids -Yes, No, Maybe?

Opinions vary widely on whether face masks make sense for kids when dealing with potential risks of the Covid virus. There are numerous articles on the subject from governments to scientists, medical professionals and others.

As health and wellness is what we do, Nutters is making a list of resources available through this article that may help you arrive at your own informed decision on how to manage the mask question with your kids.

Whether they’re gearing up for the next school year, or just getting ready for the next outing with the family, we hope you will find the information from the following sources helpful:

As we write this article, there is still much uncertainty across Western Canada on the subject of the coming school year and how things will play out. It seems the rules of the game may vary from province to province, even by school district. What we do know is that we are dealing with a constantly changing landscape. What is so today, may not be the case in 2 weeks or a month from now.

As you strive to set up a positive plan for your children this fall, do your homework well, and remember Nutters Everyday Naturals is here to assist with a selection of masks, including some creative choices for kids.

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