Holiday Season Beverages for All! (Alcohol Free)

The non-alcoholic beverage trend — It is becoming so popular that some urban markets have now seen the opening of alcohol free bars and lounges, and indeed, opening to an enthusiastic audience. The brands creating these products are also offering a growing list of flavourful options for this growing market.

Clever Mocktails has a unique and refreshing blend of distilled botanical extracts including Moscow Mule. This product takes credit for introducing ‘the mule’, as a ‘first’ in Canada. The company also makes options such as a fruity Pink Gin, a regular Gin and Tonic along with a minty Mojito. A selection of non alcohol beverages on your holiday party table is sure to find enthusiastic takers.

Along with the growth in mocktails, the non-alcoholic beer brands continue to grow as well. Sober Carpenter is one company that has found a niche with non-alcoholic beers that are so flavourful you’ll hardly believe it is alcohol free. Sober Carpenter also offers a Westcoast IPA, a Belgian White, Irish Red and classic Blonde Ale. Several people I have spoken with in recent months, swear that you’d never know it was a non-alcoholic beverage line.

So, keep this growing trend in mind when planning your Holiday gatherings this season and carve out some space on the bar or the table for those who prefer to be social without the booze. Not to mention guests who don’t want to risk the traditional check stops that are set up by law enforcement at this time of year. Nutters Everyday Naturals is here to help you celebrate responsibly.

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