Keto Camping Treats for May Long Weekend

Well, it looks like we’ll be seeking creative ways to get the camping season underway as Covid regulations appear to continue in the weeks to come. Rules may vary depending on your location in Western Canada, and in some cases, that May Long Weekend camping trip may be literally in your own backyard.

However it plays out for your family, we wanted to give you some Keto camping treat suggestions to enjoy with the people in your bubble. We asked several of our Nutters store managers to contribute product suggestions based on ‘best sellers’ in their own store.

Becky Theise and the Swift Current team came up with;

  • Pork Rind Chips, simple and easy treat around the campfire, at the beach or backyard picnic table.
  • Smart Sweets, perfect treat for the kid in all of us.
  • Zevia Soft Drinks, lots of flavour choices, cool treat on a hot day.
  • Speaking of cool, yes Keto Icecream, serve some up for everyone in your bubble.

Jerome Koebel and the Moose Jaw Nutters team added to Becky’s list with;

  • ANS Keto Pancake mixes, paired up with Nature’s Hollow syrups
  • ANS Keto Hot Chocolate mix, bring your own campfire songs!
  • Jollies no sugar marshmallows, bring your own stick!

Jody McDougall along with her team at the Camrose Nutters store suggested;

  • Quest Protein Chips

Our Medicine Hat flagship store and head office team also came up with a few;

  • Carbonaut bread, for the morning toast, or lunchtime sandwiches
  • Chew on a Bison Stick
  • Take along Coconut Wraps for easy lunch options
  • Sugar Free Please, Keto friendly and of course, sugar free snack packages in a host of flavour choices

So, wherever your May Long Weekend takes you, even if only into the backyard or the back 40, enjoy the fresh air, some family fun, and some tasty Keto snacks available at Nutters Everyday Naturals nearby.

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