Nutters Keto Summer Camping Treats

Finally, we’re beginning to experience what life feels like without a mask. Being able to gather with larger family and friends groups once again, and simply enjoying the most basic summer thrills like enjoying the night starts in front of a toasty campfire, or playing with the kids at the beach.

If you or others in your home practice some version of a Keto Diet, we thought you’d find some of these suggestions helpful in planning the rest of your summer.

  • Pork Rind Chips, simple and easy treat around the campfire, at the beach or backyard picnic table.
  • Smart Sweets, perfect treat for the kid in all of us.
  • Zevia Soft Drinks, lots of flavour choices, cool treat on a hot day.
  • Keto Ice Cream, serve some up for everyone in your bubble.
  • ANS Keto Pancake mixes, paired up with Nature’s Hollow syrups.
  • ANS Keto Hot Chocolate mix, bring your own campfire songs!
  • Jollies no sugar marshmallows, bring your own stick!
  • Quest Protein Chips.
  • Carbonaut bread, for the morning toast, or lunchtime sandwiches.
  • Chew on a Bison Stick.
  • Coconut Wraps for easy lunch options.
  • Sugar Free Please, Keto friendly and sugar free snack packages in a host of flavour choices.
  • Sweet And Salty Keto Trail Mix. (Recipe Included Below)

There are many other keto friendly choices at Nutters including all of the ingredients to make up your own keto friendly trail mixes, or find Nutters brand keto trail mixes already packaged and ready for you. You may want to try our Sweet And Salty Keto Trail Mix (recipe included with this article). All ingredients are at your nearest Nutters location. (Product selection may vary by location.)

Wherever your summer takes you, enjoy the season with tasty Keto snacks available at a Nutters Everyday Naturals nearby.

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