Nutters Re-Introduces “Bring Your Own Container” Program

As one pillar of Nutters sustainability program, we are re-introducing our “Bring Your Own Container” program. Yes, you read that correctly. Nutters actually offered this service starting back in the late ‘80’s.

Nutters President Donald Cranston recalls the original introduction; “We have always considered ourselves leaders in the Health Food Retail sector, but frankly we were ahead of ourselves when we first brought out the BYOC program. There simply wasn’t enough interest at that time. Now, protecting our environment has become a front and centre priority for most people and many of our customers are asking, even encouraging us to offer this service, and this is only the first of several green measures we are working on this year.”

Nutters customers can now purchase two sizes of reusable dishwasher safe glass containers which are pictured with this story, or you can bring your own sanitized containers. Whichever you choose, just remember these 3 simple steps:

  1. Wash / sanitize your container prior to visiting Nutters.
  2.  When you arrive at the store, ask a checkout team member to weigh your empty container/s. The empty weight will be noted on the container.
  3. Scoop and fill each container and return to checkout with your purchases.

There will be several elements added to Nutters Sustainability Program in the months ahead. We’ll keep you informed here in our Newsletters and in other media and social media platforms.

Donald Cranston offered one additional comment relative to the Nutters Sustainability Program; “We really appreciate so many of our long time customers and our next generation of customers have really shared their environmental concerns and ideas with us, so we hope you’ll stay tuned for some of the other initiatives coming your way shortly”

If you have an idea or comment about things we can do to grow our green initiatives, please email

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