Nutters Sustainability Efforts Continue To Grow!

Since launching various components of our Sustainability Program at the beginning of 2020, Nutters has received significant customer feedback at store level and also via customer survey comments.

Company President Donald Cranston noted; “We truly appreciate that customers take the time to provide suggestions on what we’re doing in the sustainability area. In particular, the return of our Bring Your Own Container Program has drawn positive feedback, including some of our long-time customers who recall Nutters doing this back in the 1980’s.”

All Nutters stores now have reusable glass containers with lids available for purchase if you don’t bring your own containers. Before filling our containers, or your own, be sure to have the checkout team weigh and mark the empty weight of the container.

Nutters stores now have abundant supplies our new reusable bright red tote bags at the checkouts along with a kraft paper bag option at a nominal cost with our goal of eliminating all plastic bags at our checkouts.

Donald Cranston commented on the disposition of remaining plastic checkout bag inventory. “It was really challenging to decide how to best handle this transition with remaining plastic bag inventory our stores. It just didn’t seem right to deliver and dump them to a landfill. We know some customers can make use of them to store things, or as trash bags, so we opted to make the last of our plastic bags available at a nominal cost as one of 3 checkout options until they are gone. Once gone, only the reusable bags and compostible kraft paper bags will be used at our checkouts.”

Many of our Nutters locations are also carrying reusable mesh or cloth bag products that can be purchased and used for carrying fruits and vegetables. Some Nutters stores are also carrying reusable wax impregnated cloth sheets as a more natural solution for covering bowls and containers rather than using plastic wrap or foil.

Donald Cranston also acknowledged; “We are continuing to search for sustainability options, and also testing other packaging solutions that will further reduce our reliance on plastic-based materials in our stores. We’ll keep our customers updated on our progress in the weeks and months ahead”.

If you have a comment or suggestion relating to Nutters Sustainability Program please send to:


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