Nutters Sustainability Initiatives Coming in 2020!

Since it’s beginning over 35 years ago, Nutters Everyday Naturals has proudly led the way with sustainability innovations, including bulk food retailing across Western Canada long before it was became mainstream.

Nutters President Donald Cranston recalls; “Years ago long the way in our growth Nutters also experimented with ‘Bring Your Own Container’ programs. It could be said, we did so before the market was quite ready for it. But now it is time to recycle one of our old ideas. Without question our customers, in fact I dare say, the world, is ready for it”.

Today, with rapidly rising global concerns about single use plastics, climate change and related topics, Nutters has heard from hundreds of customers who expect the health food industry to take a leadership position on environmental matters.

Nutters listened to the customer feedback and company President Donald Cranston today announces a series of initiatives; “Effective the first quarter of 2020 plastic checkout bags will no longer be available at any of our Nutters stores across Western Canada. While Nutters has offered reusable tote bags at nominal prices for some time, and increasing numbers of customers have made the switch, it is time for us to simply stop providing plastic bag options at our checkouts”.

Mr. Cranston also noted that Nutters new red reusable totes will be available at all Nutters stores in early 2020, and added that some Nutters stores will also offer a kraft recyclable paper bag option at a minimal ‘per bag price’.

Beginning in 2020 Nutters stores will also re-introduce an updated version of their Bring Your Own Container program. Some long-time customers may recall that Nutters offered this years ago, and now it seems the market is ready to embrace it once again.

Donald Cranston added; ‘Recent polling of Nutters customers suggests in excess of 50% would utilize a BYOC program. More information will be available shortly in our stores”.

In 2020 Nutters will also introduce 3 ‘Digital Only’ Flyers to its promotional calendar, replacing traditional Nutters printed flyers in January, May and September. Donald Cranston offered a ‘green’ invitation; “We encourage our customers to sign up by providing an email address in order to receive our Digital Flyers and Newsletters throughout the year. Customers can do this at our corporate website,, or at the checkout of their local Nutters store”. Cranston added; “We expect to continue to decrease the use of printed flyers over time as Nutters customers become accustomed to the digital options”.

As President, Donald Cranston summed up today’s announcements this way; “We know there is yet more to do and even as we launch the 3 initiatives outlined today, we are already studying additional options to replace plastic bags for bulk and Nutters branded products, and for produce departments. Other eco-friendly options will be added to our list of initiatives in the months ahead.”

Further announcements are expected to come during 2020 detailing the next phases in sustainability program from Nutters Everyday Naturals.

Editors Note: We always welcome ideas from our customers and vendors that can further Nutters sustainability efforts. If you have a comment or suggestion, please reach out to us at:

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