Nutters Sustainability Program – Story Update

Over 15 months ago, Nutters Everyday Naturals introduced our customers to a Sustainability Program which featured several pillars that would evolve over time. Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, we found it necessary to drop or postpone various initiatives. As we’ve all learned to adapt our protocols and personal practises with the passing of time, Nutters is now resuming some elements of the program.

Re-usable Shopping Bags – Clean re-usable bags are now being accepted for use in-store. For the time being, customers are asked to place their purchases into their bags once cleared through the checkout. Nutters offers a standing style Reusable Bag and a collapsible parachute style bag for sale at nominal cost. The parachute bag fits easily into a handbag. There is now a cost for plastic or paper checkout bags for customers who come without reusable bags. Nutters Everyday Naturals encourages all customers to make a contribution to sustainability by getting onboard with reusable bags now as the elimination of single use plastic checkout bags becomes law in Canada at the end of 2021.

Bring Your Own Container Program – Nutters will not be able to resume this program until health authorities advise it is safe to do so. It is our hope that with progress with vaccinations, it may be possible to get this pillar of our program going again before year end.

Reducing Our Footprint – You may have noticed in recent months, Nutters flyers featuring a “Made In Canada” icon attached to many of the items featured in our flyers. We continue to focus on Canadian made products whenever possible. Most Nutters stores also feature regionally or locally produced specialty products, from honey, to meats, and in some stores seasonal local produce and more. This is an ongoing initiative and you can count on seeing the “Made In Canada” symbol proudly displayed on a growing number of products carried on Nutters shelves.

Increased Digital Communication – Over the past year, Nutters has increased the number of digital flyers being distributed as we continue efforts to reduce the number of printed flyers. We encourage our customers to sign up for Nutters email database which will further enable us to shrink the use of newsprint over time. In addition to learning about flyer specials and savings, customers who have signed up, are also receiving other timely information such as our Monthly Digital Newsletter, Power Days Alerts, Webinar invitations and Podcast previews. Growing our paperless contact with customers is another pillar in our Sustainability Program. Customers can sign up in-store, if you know someone who may want to sign-up, they can also go t0 Sign-up information can be found on the homepage

We all hope that life is beginning to take steps toward some sense of normal and that we’ll be able to update you further in coming months about ‘next steps’ in our sustainability efforts. With Earth Day taking place during this month of April, we thought it a perfect time to update our progress with the Nutters family, and invite you to think about ways your own family may be able to add to the collective effort.

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