Our Tribute to Earth Day

As Nutters continue to work on its commitment to sustainability, the celebration of Earth Day this month, seemed an appropriate time to update our valued customers on the initiatives we continue to foster.

While it may not be an obvious contribution to sustainability, twice each year we now feature Nutters Big Bag Sale in April and October. What does that have to do with sustainability? During each of these events, Nutters hands out FREE reusable Nutters Tote Bags to every customer visiting our stores during each 3 day event.

Over 10,000 bags per event are provided to Nutters customers who are then able to continue to use those bags ongoing for various purposes.

Our other priority sustainability project is reducing the number of printed advertising flyers we produce each year. In 2023, we were able to reduce the number of printed flyers by 3 events from the prior year.

In 2024, we are reducing printed flyers by 5 events. Here’s what that looks like when you weigh the paper and the trees.

Five Nutters Printed Flyer events printing 200,000 copies, with the average flyer being 12 pages. That translates to about 2,400,000 pages per flyer. Over 5 flyers, that comes to over 12,000,000 pages. A lot of paper saved, a lot of trees saved.

Our customers are making it possible for us to continue to push this initiative by signing up for our newsletter and flyers via email. So, if you’d like to help the cause and are not yet a Nutters email subscriber, please sign up the next time you visit your favorite Nutters location, or go to nutters.com and sign up there.

We are committed to continuing with our sustainability mission as we look for additional ways to improve our track record. Meantime, thanks to the nearly 40,000 Nutters customers who’ve joined our digital world, the greener way to go.

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