Protein Packed Gummies

These gummies are not only delicious but they are packed with protein!

We used Organika Bovine Gelatin to make these healthy snacks pack a little more punch! You can customize them however you like! Choose your favourite juice ( we do recommend something organic) add in a little cranberry juice and a splash of lemon. We opted for some honey to sweeten but feel free to add a little cane sugar or organic maple syrup as well!

Mix your juice together in a sauce pan on cold! sprinkle the Gelatin on top and let it bloom for about 1 minute. Once you have let the Gelatin bloom, turn on your stove to low and stir constantly until all the gelatin is dissolved. Break up any pieces with your spoon. Once its all dissolved, pour it into your candy molds! We used a silicon ice tray and then cut the gummies in half!


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