Summertime And Alcohol-Free Beverages

The presentation around summer gatherings is changing, specially at the bar or the beverage station.

Even if beer, wine, and cocktails are on the menu at your next summer event, consider including non-alcohol options as well for guests who may be part of the hottest trend in beverages. Taste without the buzz!

A couple of summers ago, you might find a non-alcohol beer, maybe even a mocktail. But this summer things are really spiraling up in this beverage category.

Beers of every description are available, Mocktails now come in a rapidly growing array of choices. Non-alcohol wines join the party this summer as well. And, if you prefer the ‘hard stuff’ without the bad stuff, you can even find non-alcohol gin and whisky this summer. The flavors you crave, but no hangovers!

You’ll find a growing selection at many Nutters locations this summer. Some of our top sellers currently include:

Clever Mocktails, with new Raspberry Mojito and Marguerita flavours joining the lineup.

Sparkmouth which also makes a quality tonic mixer, has also introduced a line of Mocktails, sure to expand the gains that Mocktails are making over non alcohol beers.

And speaking of beers, Sober Carpenter Beer, a solid favourite has just added a new Raspberry Sour flavour. Other choices in the beer category include; Partake, Opus, Harmons, and Phillips.

Smoky Bay wines can also be found at some Nutters locations, just the beginning of a growing category, and for those who enjoy hard liquor flavours, HP spirits offer Whiskey, Rum, Gin and Tequila. There are mixed beverages in cans, but they also come in 750 ml bottles.

Add some trendy non-alcohol options to your backyard social events this summer with a little help from your friends at Nutters Everyday Naturals

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