The Right Holiday Gift For The Times

The coming holiday season will present unique challenges and will be a time for serious thought about our own personal safety and concern for our loved ones. To travel or not? Do we keep our bubble small and safe? How do we decide who gets left out? Uncomfortable questions to be sure. Yet, they are the new reality, at least until a proven vaccine delivers the solution.

So, yes you may find yourself with a smaller gathering and quieter celebration than in past. Yet, you still want to feel like you are connecting with the special people in your life in a safe but meaningful way.

Nutters Christmas Gift Trays and Baskets have been a tradition across Western Canada for over 3 decades. This tasty and tasteful gift idea may be more appropriate than ever this season. Not only are these gifts sealed for safety and freshness, but also packaged to make mail or courier delivery to family or friends simple and convenient. The sturdy holiday themed boxes safely hold each Nutters Gift Tray while traveling to its destination, whether that’s across town or across the country.

We’re all being advised to plan our postal or courier shipments as early as possible this year as the impact of the Covid-19 restrictions will put even more pressure than usual on the shipping systems leading up to the holidays.

Nutters Everyday Naturals strives to make it as convenient as possible for you to complete your Christmas Gift Tray purchases.

You can shop the in-store display at your nearest Nutters location, or browse our Christmas Gift Tray flyer online at before shopping. When you view the flyer you’ll see that Nutters offers shipping services. The back page of the flyer features a toll-free ordering number and other details pertaining to our shipping services.

We make it easy to send the “Taste of Christmas” to loved ones afar with just one stop at your nearest Nutters Everyday Naturals location or at Truly, the right Holiday Gift for the times.

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