Welcome To Nutters Kitchen Party – A Digital Cookbook!

People are having fun in the kitchen again, and Nutters is delighted to offer up an easy way for cooking and baking enthusiasts to share a favourite recipe or two, discover lots of new recipes in return, and to be able to do it all without any cost to our customers.

Nutters Kitchen Party – A Digital Cookbook – will launch in the autumn of 2021.

We will bring existing favourite Nutters recipes together in one convenient place, and we invite you to contribute to our digital pages as well.

If you have a traditional family favourite, something handed down from parents or grandparents that your friends and family relish each time you put it on the table, why not put it on our table and share with others.

Perhaps you have keto-friendly, gluten-free, sugar-free or other specialty recipes that have proven successful and popular at your family table. Now’s the opportunity to enlighten others who are searching for ways to spice up their meal options.

Maybe it’s a recipe you stumbled upon in a little side street bistro in Slovenia, Greece, or Montreal! You’ve cherished it. Friends have loved it. Come on now, why not put it on the table for all to enjoy!

It’s easy to contribute your recipes for consideration. Simply email medicinehat@nutters.com. Be sure to give us your name and town information to credit you in Nutters Kitchen Party Digital Cookbook appropriately. If the recipe came to you from another source, feel free to include those credits for inclusion in the book as well.

If you have a photo or brief video of the recipe in the making or as a finished product ready to serve, we hope you’ll send the visuals along too, as it’ll make a more exciting page in the book. Our goal is to feature both photos and video recipes, some produced by Nutters, but we’ll look forward to yours too.

Because Nutters Kitchen Party – A Digital Cookbook – will be housed at our nutters.com website, you’ll be able to download it for free, or go to the website whenever you wish, and flip through the digital pages there.

We will continually be adding and revising, so we’ll be inviting you to come on back for updates as the book continues to grow. If you get the urge to contribute additional recipes to this ever-evolving project, we’ll look forward to your future participation as well.

Meantime, let’s get this Nutters Kitchen Party Started!

We’ll be looking for your taste-tempting offerings. We will provide another update to this article in our first Nutters Newsletter of 2021 when we’ll share our progress with you and give you a sneak peek at some of the recipe submissions received by the start of the New Year.

Stay Safe. Stay Healthy, and have fun in the kitchen!

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