What Drives This Athlete To Excel At The Sport Of Triathlon

Loren Nelson, Medicine Hat, Biathlete  |  Written By: Paul Mann

Loren Nelson is a Medicine Hat based Triathlete who didn’t make a decision to try the sport until his first year in University. He didn’t even know how to swim when he made the decision to give it a try. But try he did, and before long he found himself signed up for the Ironman in Penticton, BC.

The winner at that Penticton event finished in just over 8 hours. Loren finished in 13 hours saying; “In my eyes, I lost by 5 hours, and I couldn’t walk properly for a month”. But Loren kept going. Training, and researching the sport that requires great discipline.

Loren, how do you schedule your days to develop and maintain the physical conditioning needed to compete at the International level?

“Working fulltime makes it more challenging to balance….it is all about time management. To be specific, a day is often up at 5 or 6am and doing a 1 to 2 hour workout…a typical average of 10-20 hours a week. Nutritionally, I keep it simple…. easy snacks like peanut butter”.

Which of the disciplines comes more naturally for you?

“Swimming has grown on me mostly because early on I tackled it head on and grew it quickly”. When you take a day off training what are your favourite things to do? “I often don’t have time off, but recovery is key so I often get hooked on movies or TV shows while recovering. Otherwise eating, sleeping, working and training is a heavy part of my life”.

When it comes to the 4th discipline as you call it, do you have any favourite pre-race meals that you find particularly effective?

“My favourite is definitely oatmeal and peanut butter with berries. It works through your body easily and the peanut butter really cuts the hunger for a longer period of time….. and Nutters has been perfect for grabbing the quick, healthy, easy snacks and meals.”

Do you have racing aspirations beyond North America?

“I raced in New Zealand once. I’d love to capitalize on the great summers in North America for getting into peak shape then tackle New Zealand and Australia in the off season. Me and snow don’t get along”.

If you could share any tips with someone considering Triathlon, what would they be?

“ The biggest thing would be to get into a group dynamic and tackle the harder discipline head on, then nail the basics with sleep and nutrition….and learn from others more experienced in the sport”.

Nutters is proud to sponsor Loren Nelson in the sport of Triathlon

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