Who’s Growing What?

West Coast Garden Seeds

I find it interesting to see what people are purchasing in the way of garden seeds across our Nutters communities in Western Canada, especially in the dead of winter.

These are the folks who are passionate, eager to watch seeds sprout from in a paper cup, or a plastic tray. So, I took a look around our various Nutters communities in late March as I set out to write this article and was surprised and delighted to see how many of us were already giving mother nature a little nudge, even while snow was still on the ground and temperatures below freezing in many places.

In the first 8 weeks of this year, people were purchasing, and I assume in many cases, growing quite an array of seeds including;

Salad mix, sugar peas, rainbow blend carrots, buttercrunch lettuce, kale micro greens, mung beans, seaside spinach, wild arugula, sweet cherry tomatoes, and tri-color beans, to name just a few.

There were also salad nasturtiums, along with peaches and cream corn. I can picture the nasturtiums growing inside, but the peaches and cream corn makes for a lively discussion.

Well, the key is simply to enjoy getting your hands dirty, and growing things you enjoy, producing and consuming fresh from the garden veggies and fruits. Let your imagination run wild. Try something just for the fun of it. I’m about to get a very early indoor start on Canteloupe and am determined to be eating some by mid summer.

West Coast Garden Seeds at Nutters Everyday Naturals, are ready for the taking and the trying! Now where did I put my garden gloves?

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